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Bring back my shoes

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I wonder what kind of shoes she was wearing because I probably would’ve ran off with them too and not brought them back. I would’ve held them hostage and made her come and get them.

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Well I wonder if it was you, because that's kind of what happened!


Oh Your Work Mate....Who ran off with Your Shoes ......Mistress Cherry ....HOPE U WILL PUNISH HIM !!!!!!......WISH IT HAD BEEN YOUR HUMBLE FOOT BITCH NEIL( Me) .....and that U would make Me Grovel and Kiss Your Beautiful Sexy Nylon Feet after .....Worshipping Your Work Shoes !!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx


I know you look smoking hot wearing your sexy black nylons babe! Your pretty feet in black nylons are simply irresistible that is why someone took away your nice shoes!


Why? Just go round stocking footed, I’m sure no one would mind

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