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Come Fly with Me

Well don't those weekends just fly by?

We will not mention football, I am a sore looser. We will mention these gorgeous tights though, sheer silky black nylon with embroidered blue butterflies - Giving flight to my legs, would you cum fly with me?

As always, all tights that are shown on my blog are for sale, just comment below or drop me a message for more details.

Have a great Monday,

Lots of love,


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I would cum and fly love


Cum and flying....sounds good! Like to do both.x


Dan Zimmerman
Dan Zimmerman
Jun 22, 2020

Cherry, I would definitely cum with those beautiful nylons. They are sexy on your already beautiful legs. I love the butterflies on them. Gives me something to kiss as I pleasure you orally. 😍💖💖💖😍

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