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Flower Power...

These amazing nylons got some attention let me tell you!

For the first time a man actually approached me, he asked if they were tattoos on my legs.

I said "No, it is the pattern on my tights",

"Wow", he replied. "Might sound weird, but can I see your toes and touch them? I think my wife would love a pair of these!"

"Do you know who I am?" I replied...

"No" the stranger bumbled.

"Get your phone out then and you can take some photos, but nobody touches my feet, I really can't tell you why!"

I'm not sure if he really did know who I was, maybe he will make an appearance here one day, I have his number so he could WhatsApp me these wonderful photos.

Here is what the stranger captured...

As the stranger left, I rolled off these amazing pantyhose and placed them in his hand...

#StayAlert everyone, you just never know!

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Dan Zimmerman
Dan Zimmerman
06 juin 2020

Absolutely beautiful story. Love your pattern tights. My God they are spectacular on you and with our outfit💖💖💖💖


Wasnt a fan of gardening.....but very interested now!

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