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That Friday Feeling

So we made through a long wet and miserable week, well almost. Here I am ready for work so thought I would give you a little treat before I leave.

Hope the rain holds off, I could be getting very soggy toes if not!

So if you've got a nice warm pair of hands, maybe we could have a "Feel good Friday..?"

Lots of love,


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I would definitely worship your feetto make them better


Why just friday? You post everyday....feel good daily.xx


Thank you both, lovely comments!!


You no dam well u look beautiful in pantyhose and I defo got warm hands and I wish I could get a feel of them pantyhose on ur sexy legs and feet because that would make my Friday 100%


Dan Zimmerman
Dan Zimmerman
Jun 19, 2020

Cherry. My hands are warm and ready for you when you got home. Slide your flats off and massage your beautiful feet till your whole body was warm. Your faults, nylons and feet look absolutely Amazing today. Hope your day goes very well for you today😍💖💖💖😍😘

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