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Tights, Toes & Talc

Slippers, tights and talc on toes, generating a fragrance like nobody knows...!

Well there is a first for everything, you would not believe the fragrance that these pantyhose have, still got the aroma of my feet but with a sweet fragrance of the talc, a perfect mixture and a must have for any Cherry fan!

YES THESE ARE FOR SALE! - Just message me for details!

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You know I always love your sexy black nylons with your sexy black leggings babe! I am going to enjoy your fragrance of your sexy black nylons babe!


18 de jan.

I bet they smell so fantastic!




Cherry Morris
Cherry Morris
18 de jan. de 2021

I can confirm that these are a really delicious pair of my used tights! Guaranteed you will really enjoy these ones!

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