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Want to Play..?

I've put some patterns on my legs today...

These should turn some heads I think, all the way from China these very soft, well fitting lace tights grip my legs perfectly. Great even pattern and the reinforced toe there to keep in my scent.

I might not even want to sell these they are so good...

...Well, I never say never. Maybe a generous offer...

Lots of photos to come if you want to see more, please comment 👇

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Ahhhh so hot

Me gusta

Wow they look so beautiful on ur stunning legs and feet and I love the way ur wearing ur slippers as well mmmmm I hope u dont sell them I cant waite to see more pictures of u in them

Me gusta

A trace!!! A maze to wander through.

Me gusta

Dan Zimmerman
Dan Zimmerman
13 jun 2020

Oh my God they look awesome with your flats. Your toes are so beautiful in them. Sorry not do much with your slippers. But they look magnificent on you😍💖😘

Me gusta

Please more pics

Me gusta
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